Subterranean Homesick Bluescreen

I’ve never been big to publicly support someone’s advertising vehicle. Sure, I wear logo-ed clothing from companies where I’ve worked, but you’ll never catch me with a Hilfiger or Coke t-shirt. Today, however, I’m making an exception to that rule. The promotional folks for Bob Dylan have created the coolest little widget/Facebook app I’ve seen. It’s so good, it nearly defines the whole underlying principle of why the Facebook API is such a killer thing. You can see my cynical message about the technology on my Facebook page. Or go to the TechCrunch page that gives a little more background.

But that’s just one man’s opinion.

UPDATE: Apparently this is becoming successful. Interesting story today via Reuters (Yahoo’s version) that says over 80,000 have tried this out, and searches for Dylan are up 3X. Maybe coincidence, but there’s no doubt the record company folks are being successful and getting the interest of a new generation of potential fans. Good for them…they should be doing something for all that money they suck out of an artist.